GURPS™ GMControlApp

The GURPS GM's Quick Reference

The GMControlApp was written to make it easy for GURPS GMs to quickly reference player characters' and NPCs' attributes, advantages and disadvantages, key defensive values, reaction modifiers, and other statistics.

Save and update your data to a file, including the current state of the characters in their encounters. (Download a sample file here.)

Manage Your Characters & Adversaries

Easily enter character attributes into the GMControlApp's interactive forms. One-click clone a character to quickly create hordes, armies, etc.

Sort the list of characters by key fields or manually arrange them into your preferred order.

Or import character data directly from GURPS Character Sheet version 4.0 or greater (installation of that application is required).

Combine Characters Into Parties & Groups

Group characters together to represent parties, encounters, and other groups for the GM's convenience. Assign each group an icon to make it easy to track which group a given character is associated with in the Encounters & Melees view. Associate each party with a campaign. Easily sort or manually arrange the groups to your preference.

Create Encounters & Melees

Create an encounter by selecting one or more groups. Edit the list to explicitly remove individual characters. Add other parties at any time.

Characters in an encounter are automatically sorted in initiative order. Track the currently active character and the number of rounds that have elapsed.

For each character, track his current hit points, fatigue, posture, combat maneuver, and condition.

Help Your Players Prepare With The Players' View

Keep players ready and engaged with the Players' View, a snapshot of the encounter with the active character indicator and an overview of the condition and position of each combatant.

Maintain the suspense by controlling which characters are visible in the players' view, or whether the character's name is visible.